Going back to the well – Part I…

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m starting my 26th feature screenplay.  It’s always a scary deal starting a new project as I go back to the well and hope that something is there.  I completely agree with the advice from veteran television writer Paul Savage when he told me that it’s simple — put your butt in the seat and write.  That does sound simple, right?  Oh, but in the first few days you dance around the project and “check it out” as if you were on a date and trying to judge when it was a good time to go in for a kiss.   Don’t ask me why this happens, but I’m going to do my best to work on it this time.  No more dancing.  I promise.   Avoiding getting started will not solve anything.  I’ve never had such a clean house as when I had to start writing  a new project.  The procrastination factor immediately kicks in for some strange reason as there are so many other things to do than write — right?  Suddenly, I find myself doing chores I would normally have put off.  I even look forward to grocery shopping as if I was a kid heading off to Disneyland.  Okay, maybe Magic Mountain.  As I step up to the plate for the 26th time, I hope I can hit this one out of the park and run my victory lap of 100 pages.

UPDATE:  I completed the script in record time and turned it into my producer.  I received notes and proceeded to complete two more drafts.  The third draft is much closer to the overall vision of the piece and the good news came there is a good possibility the film will go into production in Spring of 2012.  But again, never believe it until you see the cameras turning on set and the check clears.


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