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Yes, it’s our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at MY BLANK PAGE, and I’d like to thank all of my readers for a fantastic first year on the net.  This blog has really forced me to hunker down and write about my experiences surviving in the trenches as a working Hollywood screenwriter.  It’s extremely gratifying being able to share my advice with those who are interested in the screentrade.  Writing can be a long and lonely road, but when you know others are out here slugging away, fighting the good fight, it can help to give hope and strength to fill yet another blank page.

If you don’t already know, my blog is divided into different categories about screenwriting: Pitching, Representation, The Art & Craft, Survival Tactics, The Biz, and The Super 8 Diaries.  So, “Dig the Archives” and GET ON THE LINKS, because I try to give an overall view of certain experiences that might help you on your own journey as a screenwriter.

If you haven’t yet, please check out the  page with fun “MY MOVIE TRIVIA” with the six degrees of separation type information about my movies and the page for great writing quotes, the always inspirational “QUOTE OF THE DAY”

So, 81 articles and over 12,000 readers later, I have renewed energy for this year to continue offering my insights into this wacky world of show business.  Thanks again for the support.  Never give up and always keep writing!

If you find yourself in need of professional screenplay consultation, check out my consultation services at:

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