Your hard work does pay off…

April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s hard to explain the feeling when things seem to be going your way and the years of focus and hard work seem to be paying off.  I have to step back and realize that none of what is happening is by accident.  I created these opportunities by never losing sight of my dreams and always striving to be a better writer.  If you are patient, and patience is something that I have recently learned is not a virtue but a new tool in my arsenal, then your hard work will eventually pay off.  If you envision it and truly believe it, others will too.  You must trust completely that your journey is the right path, because it is uniquely yours.

I now find myself working with two directors on two amazing projects and I’m even throwing my hat into the television ring with my new hour pilot that is now being considered at a major agency.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and at a time when we are ready for it in our lives.  There is a syncronicity in the universe that knows when you are ready to move forward.  It’s a confidence that comes from years of experience, focusing on being a better screenwriter and knowing in my heart that I’m at the top of my game at this point in my life.  It feels good.

You should never give up on your dreams.  Always be open to learning and taking constructive criticism from those you trust as you work and become a better writer.  Be the writer that producers and directors want to call upon to write their next movie.  Constantly work on your craft and forge working relationships that last.

Your reputation is a priceless currency in the world of writing assignments.  If  you’re easy to work with, talented and with some luck (preparation meets opportunity), you will go far in this business.  Also don’t forget to celebrate the little victories, as they begin to add up and you’ll never forget your humble roots.

“… Now consider the amateur: the aspiring painter, the wannabe playwright. Does he pursue his calling?  One, he doesn’t show up every day.  Two, he doesn’t show up not matter what.  Three, he doesn’t stay on the job all day.  He is not committed over the long haul; the stakes for him are illusory and fake.  He does not get money. And he over identifies with his art.  He does not have a sense of humor about failure.  The amateur has not mastered the technique of his art.  Nor does he expose himself to judgment in the real world.” —Steven Pressfield, “The War of Art”


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