Help achieve your New Year’s screenwriting goals with my new webinar…

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“How to Become a Standout Screenwriter:  10 Steps to Empower Your Career” with instructor Mark Sanderson (aka Scriptcat)

At a Glance

  • Archived and recorded webinar on the importance of screenwriters taking a more active role in the decisions and direction of their career.
  • Discover important steps that can help you to express your unique voice, get noticed, and become a breakout screenwriter.
  • Provides screenwriters with real-world disciplines to empower themselves and their careers.

Duration: 90 minutes


The responsibility for a screenwriter’s career begins and ends with the screenwriter. The hard fact: Your screenwriting career is probably the most important struggle to you and not to anyone else. Only you know the hard work and sacrifices you’ve endured to go after your dream, so you need to protect your career path by taking responsibility for chartering the course of your career. Your time is precious and you need to constantly be moving forward and avoid the pitfalls of poor choices and negative experiences.

Too many times, I’ve heard screenwriters blame others for their own missteps or lack of success in Hollywood. Some writers look for the quick and easy way to success, but end up frustrated when their only script doesn’t sell and they have no other plans. It may be easier to soften the blow to blame the agent, manger, producer, or Hollywood itself for not getting your film made, but screenwriters need to step up and take more control over their choices.

This live webinar will cover 10 proactive steps to help empower any screenwriter who needs to take more control over their career path. Many times it can feel like we have no power, but we do—we’re the storytellers and possess that magical ability to fill a blank page with ideas from the ether. Even if you take one step a day, it will set into motion a positive act that can enhance your chances of unlocking the combination to success.


• Tips and disciplines to help you avoid wasting time with those who do not serve your best interests.
• Why you can’t wait for an agent or manager to make a career for you.
• The importance of entering screenwriting contests to get noticed.
• How to write loglines to promote your screenplay.
• How to write a query letter that hooks a producer or helps you find representation.
• The basics of using social media to promote your own brand: “You, Inc.”
• The ways to attract an agent or manager.
• The importance of projecting the image you want to those around you.
• The ways to build your reputation.
• DIY filmmaking as an important step in your career.


• Writers who are interested in taking control of their career path.
• Writers who are looking for representation or production companies.
• Writers who want to avoid the pitfalls of entrusting others with their careers.
• Writers who want to explore the steps that can increase their chances of unlocking the gates of Hollywood.
• Writers who need to stop blaming others for their lack of success.
• Writers who want to build their professional reputation and further their career.


Screenwriter, script doctor, and consultant Mark Sanderson (aka Scriptcat) is a veteran of the screenwriting game with over fifteen years of experience. After graduating from UCLA Film School, he started writing and performing live sketch comedy with The Amazing Onionheads and writing for MTV. He eventually sold his first spec and followed with 11 writing assignments that have garnered six produced films—the emotionally compelling WWII indie I’ll Remember April, Lifetime Network’s An Accidental Christmas and Deck the Halls, the indie noir feature Stingers, and action-packed thrillers USS Poseidon: Phantom Below (aka Tides of War) and SyFy Network’s Sea Snakes (aka Silent Venom). Mark’s films have been distributed worldwide, premiered on Lifetime, LMN, SyFy, Fox Family, NBC Universal International, HereTV, and have opened and premiered at major film festivals.

Mark’s long association with Hollywood veterans and award-winning filmmakers dates back to his first produced screenplay, and has since worked with Producer’s Guild of America nominees, legendary genre directors, and Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe acting nominees. His popular screenwriting blog MY BLANK PAGE was Script Magazine’s pick for “Website of the Week” and he offers screenplay consultation services on his website and teaches a live one day workshop in Los Angeles returning in early 2013.

In addition to these projects, Mark is busy shopping two TV pilots, editing his first book about survival as a screenwriter in Hollywood, and from his five projects in development come the films Last Christmas and Area 54 — two new projects scheduled for production next year.

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