Simple disciplines that can help a screenwriter’s journey to success…

May 4, 2014 § 1 Comment

Successful screenwriterProducers will hire a talented team player over a pain in the ass who has no regard for professionalism.  Hollywood is a business of relationships and networking.  People generally like to work with those people they’ve had a positive experience with in the past.  So, how do you build a solid reputation as a screenwriter?  Here is a list of positive steps that will only come from practicing a professional work ethic and building your reputation:

  • Always deliver your best work, every time, regardless of your salary.
  • Never be late for meetings.
  • Never get testy about script notes or show your anger. A “team player works again.
  • You may not get paid much when you begin your screenwriting career, but always go the extra mile on the project and clearly show them how invaluable you are to the work—regardless of your salary.
  • Show them you’re the writer they can trust to deliver the drafts on schedule.
  • If you don’t already have the natural ability—pay close attention to all details.
  • Become a repository of knowledge about the script for the director, producer and actors.
  • Help the producers craft a script they can produce and lend any support they need to move the project closer to production—the ultimate goal, right?

Many times you may not receive the praise you feel that you deserve for all of your hard work on the screenplay.  If this happens, practice patience, as it will eventually pay off for you over the long haul. Your praise will come in the form of a payment for your writing, a produced film, and a vital part of your screenwriting career—a credit.

“Smiles everyone, smiles!”

Keep writing and keep the faith!

Scriptcat out!

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“This is, if not a lifetime process, it’s awfully close to it. The writer broadens, becomes deeper, becomes more observant, becomes more tempered, becomes much wiser over a period time passing. It is not something that is injected into him by a needle. It is not something that comes on a wave of flashing, explosive light one night and say, ‘Huzzah! Eureka! I’ve got it!’ and then proceeds to write the great American novel in eleven days. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a long, tedious, tough, frustrating process, but never, ever be put aside by the fact that it’s hard.”—Rod Serling

The reward of suffering is experience.”—Aeschylus, Ancient Greek Dramatist known as the founder of Greek Tragedy.

“Most directors do not want to rewrite the script. They have more pressing commitments on the sound stage. The writer’s best insurance against a rewrite is to have an understanding of the directorial problems. Write a scene that can’t be played, no matter how beautiful the words or thoughts, is begging for a revamp.”—Jerry Lewis

In any negotiations you must be prepared to lay your head on the block. A writer never has anything to fight with but whatever guts the Lord gave him. He is always up against business organizations that have enough power to destroy him in an hour. So all he can do is try to make them understand that destroying him would be a mistake because he may have something to give them.”—Raymond Chandler, Feburary 27, 1957, “Chandler on the Film World & Tv


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