Happy 5 Year Anniversary to MY BLANK PAGE!

December 4, 2015 § 2 Comments

IMG_2714Wow!  Time sure flies as we’re busy filling our blank pages, right? Yes, it’s my FIFTH ANNIVERSARY here of my little screenwriting blog MY BLANK PAGE! And it’s been another solid year of readership and with over 43,000 views of the blog so far this year, I say thank you to all of my loyal readers for a fantastic fifth year on the net.  I hope my articles helped in some way to you surviving in the trenches of Hollywood as a working screenwriter. As you know, screenwriting is a long haul journey to reach any level of success, but when you know other writers are out here slugging away, fighting the good fight, and being successful, it can help to give hope and strength to fill yet another blank page and follow your dreams.

In addition to my nearly 180 articles on the blog, I’ve also had guest bloggers too—screenwriter/producer and now director Christine Conradt‘s great article “Why I Decided to Direct After Writing Movies for Fifteen Years and a talented UK screenwriter Niraj Kapur’s piece on “The Delicate Balance of Writing and Selling Your Screenplay.”

I hope this has been a productive year for you as it’s been for me. I completed two more screenwriting assignment jobs (my 13th and 14th paid gigs), one my produced movies made last year finally premiered in September of this year and has re-aired in November, I was hired to write a show bible and TV sitcom pilot for a producer, and my latest thriller completed post-production and will premiere in January 2016. Also Lifetime Network re-aired a double feature of my holiday chestnuts “Deck the Halls” and “An Accidental Christmas.” It’s always good to have movies airing on TV.

My two assignments this year were my 27th and 28th feature length screenplays that I’ve written since I started on this wacky adventure. It’s always a new experience every time up to the plate and I never take it for granted. I feel blessed daily that I’m living my childhood dreams of being a filmmaker and can wake up every day and write for a living.

I’m also wrapping up the final touches on my new book A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success set for an early 2016 release on Amazon. Keep checking back on the blog or my Twitter account for a solid release date. The book has been a long haul journey and shares my twenty years of experiences in Hollywood’s trenches with advice about forging a career.

On the video front, I’ve created a screenwriting YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I post weekly script videos with my tips, tricks and tactics to help you survive in Hollywood’s trenches. I have over twenty videos uploaded to help with your screenwriting survival in the trenches.

And as you complete your latest magnum opus, if you find yourself in need of professional screenplay consultation, check out my screenplay consultation services. You never get a second chance to make a first great impression with your screenplay.

I  have renewed energy for 2016 and I hope you do as well. If haven’t done this already, make the time to craft a checklist and game plan for the new year so you can hit the ground running. Analyze your experiences this past year, examine your mistakes and failures, celebrate your successes, adapt and find new strategies to move you and your projects forward down the paying field.

My sincere thanks for your support of this blog. Remember to always respect the craft, keep the faith, write from a passion for the work and not seeking fame and fortune and remember—if you stop writing, you’re guaranteed to never have a shot at any success.

See you on Twitter/Periscope and the big and small screen.

All my best screenwriting wishes for 2016.

Scriptcat out!

never give up


Also check out my archived webinar “A Screenwriter’s Checklist: 10 Questions Every Screenwriter Must Answer to Stay in the Game” now available for streaming rental. This affordable webinar has two parts and makes a great gift for the aspirant in your life. Click on the photo below for the link to the website to rent the webinar.

checklist 2

Click the photo for the link to the webinar.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”—Pablo Picasso

“You must be confident enough to believe that you can “make it”—but humble enough to know it’s a long journey with much to learn.”—Scriptcat

This is, if not a lifetime process, it’s awfully close to it. The writer broadens, becomes deeper, becomes more observant, becomes more tempered, becomes much wiser over a period time passing. It is not something that is injected into him by a needle. It is not something that comes on a wave of flashing, explosive light one night and say, ‘Huzzah! Eureka! I’ve got it!’ and then proceeds to write the great American novel in eleven days. It doesn’t work that way. It’s a long, tedious, tough, frustrating process, but never, ever be put aside by the fact that it’s hard.”—Rod Serling

“It is no small feat to get a movie made, on any subject, on any screen.” —JJ Abrams

“People really are afraid to find out just how much hardship and poverty they can stand. They are afraid to find out how tough they are. Nothing can destroy the good writer. The only thing that can alter the good writer is death. Good ones don’t have time to bother with success or getting rich.”—William Faulkner


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