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A Screenwriter’s Checklist:

10 Questions Every Screenwriter Must Answer to Stay in the Game.”

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PART ONE: Questions 1 – 5 (TRT 41:33) 

$9.99 for download or rental.

1. Do you have what it takes to become a working screenwriter?
2. Do you respect the mountain you’re about to climb & those who came before you?
3. Do you know and respect screenplay format, story and structure?
4. Have you found your unique voice and your passion for a genre?
5. Are you creating a solid body of material?

PART TWO: Questions 6 – 10 (TRT 35:47) 

$5.99 for download or rental.

6. Are you doing your homework?
7. Do you write effective loglines and query letters to attract interest?
8. Do you follow the code of professional screenwriters?
9. Are you building a solid network of film industry contacts?
10. Do you use social media to promote your brand?

IMG_2016It helps to have a “checklist” — questions to honestly answer about your strengths, weaknesses, failures and successes on your screenwriting journey. It’s possible you’re not focusing on certain disciplines that may be your weaknesses, and these can be the reasons holding you back from success. Knowing the pitfalls before you embark on your journey will better help you to anticipate the dangers that you’ll encounter. Every project is either a new opportunity or a lost opportunity — it depends on how you play it. Success or failure, there’s always precious new information to be learned with every screenplay and every choice that you make.

This webinar will ask you ten honest questions about your screenwriting abilities, your career choices, and your daily writing habits. If you frequently pause to reexamine your progress, you’ll be able to chart your success and more effectively discover where you need to grow as a screenwriter. If you build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses, you’ll be able to and stay in the game — at the top of your game.

Disciplines and techniques covered:

  • Discovering areas where writers can use their unique talents to strengthen their ability to compete in a tough and competitive industry.
  • The importance of having an “artist’s mentality” and how it helps on the long journey of establishing a career.
  • How to practice humility and patience.
  • The need to write badly and fail before you can succeed.
  • The need to master your craft and being able to write all day.
  • The need to have multiple projects in the pipeline at all times.
  • How to execute script notes and the need to master rewriting.
  • How to use real-world techniques of acting as a professional.
  • How to find your own “voice” and material that interests you.
  • How to use loglines and query letters to help find representation or interest a producer or production company.
  • How to use social media to promote your own brand.


MARK SANDERSON (aka @Scriptcat)

small shot1Screenwriter and script consultant Mark Sanderson (aka Scriptcat) is a veteran of the screenwriting game with over twenty years of professional screenwriting experience with produced credits in TV movies and indie features. After graduating from UCLA Film School, he started writing and performing live as a founding member of the sketch comedy group The Amazing Onionheads and then writing for one of MTV’s most popular shows, he eventually sold his first spec and followed with nineteen writing assignments that have garnered fourteen produced films—the emotionally compelling WWII indie I’ll Remember April, Lifetime Network’s An Accidental Christmas and Deck the Halls, the indie noir feature Stingers, and action-packed thrillers USS Poseidon: Phantom Below (aka Tides of War), SyFy Network’s Sea Snakes (aka Silent Venom), and thrillers Mother of All Lies, Mommy’s Little Girl, A Wedding to Die For, One Small Indiscretion, Stalked by My Ex, A Night to Regret, The Break-In, and My Daughter Vanished. Mark’s films have been distributed worldwide, premiered on Lifetime, LMN, SyFy, Fox Family, NBC Universal International, HereTV, and have opened and premiered at major film festivals in the U.S. and around the world.

Mark’s long association with Hollywood veterans and award-winning filmmakers dates back to his first produced screenplay, and has since worked with Academy Award® winning producers, veteran genre directors, and Academy Award®, Emmy® and Golden Globe® acting nominees. His popular screenwriting blog MY BLANK PAGE was Script Magazine’s pick for “Website of the Week” and he offers screenplay consultation services on his website. Mark also just completed his first book A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success now available on Amazon, and from his five projects in development comes the Sci-fi comedy feature Area 54 now in development with producer Mark Harris (Crash), and the new series PARANORMAL X.