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Script  [skript]  noun.  “A manuscript, or one of the various copies of the written text of a play, motion picture,  radio or television broadcast.”

Cat  [kat]  noun.   “A person, usually a male considered or thought to be cool; usually a talented artist who grooves like none other.”  (Beat slang of the 1950’s-1960’s)

Who is the SCRIPTCAT?

Scriptcat is screenwriter Mark Sanderson, a UCLA Film School alumni, working screenwriter, author, script consultant, and lecturer blessed to be living his childhood dream of making movies. His work ranges from his sketch comedy writing and performing as a founding member of The Amazing Onionheads, writing for MTV, to his spec sale, and his two-dozen screenwriting assignments with television premieres and worldwide distribution of his fifteen films.

Mark’s films have premiered on Lifetime Network, LMN, SyFy, Fox, HereTV, HBO Canada, Christmas 24, NBC/Universal, and The Movie Network among others and have been distributed globally. His films have been recognized at festivals including a premiere and opening the Palm Springs Int. Film Festival, premieres at the Hawaii Int. Film Festival, St. Louis Int. Film Festival, The Rainbow Festival in Hawaii, Newport Beach Int. Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale Int. Festival, and nominated for the Starboy award at the Oulu Int. Children’s Film Festival in Finland.

Mark’s long association with award winning Hollywood filmmakers dates back to his first produced screenplay and has since worked with Academy Award® winning producers, veteran directors, and has written films starring Academy Award® and Emmy® acting nominees and winners.


Mark’s book A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success: Tips, Tricks and Tactics to Survive as a Working Screenwriter in Hollywood is now available on Amazon with 45 five star reviews. Named one of Screencraft’s “25 People Screenwriters Should Follow on Twitter,” (@scriptcat).

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Conference with Brian Trenchard-Smith

Mark confers with veteran director Brian Trenchard-Smith on the set of “USS Poseidon: Phantom Below” on location in Hawaii.