new credit list

Produced films:

“Killer Escort (2021), Writer. Post-production.

60 Seconds – (2020), Writer. Directed by John “Quig” Quigley.

Suburban Swingers Club“, (2019), Co-writer. Stars Dana Davis and Jesse Ruda. Directed by Jessica Janos. Lifetime premiere.

“Hidden Family Secrets”, (2018), Writer. Stars Diora Baird, Blanche Baker, and Abbie Gayle. Directed by Sam Irvin. Lifetime Movie Network premiere.

“Family Vanished” (2018), Writer. Stars Madison Dirks, Kelly Packard, Jennifer Taylor, Todd Cahoon, and Megan Littler. Premiered on Lifetime Movie Network.

A Night to Regret (2018), Writer, Director Tom Shell, Producers Chris Lancey and Liz Vacovec for CAEG.  Stars Marguerite Moreau and Mollee Gray. Lifetime premiere.

“Stalked by My Ex” (2017) Co-writer. Director Danny J. Boyle, Executive producers Tom Berry, Nicole Reid, Gilles Laplante, David DeCrane, Breanne Hartley, and Sebastian Battro. LMN premiere.

Deadly Vows aka “A Wedding to Die For” (2017), Co-writer, Director Fred Olen Ray, Producers Christopher Ray and Gerald  Webb. Stars Brittany Underwood and Charlene Amoia. A Reel One Entertainment production. A LMN NETWORK premiere.

“One Small Indiscretion”  (2017), Co-writer, feature, Director Lauro Chartrand, Producers Tom Berry, Gilles Laplante, Nicole Reid, and David DeCrane. Stars Ashley Scott and Tiera Skovbye. A LMN NETWORK premiere.

“Bitter Harvest” (2017), Production Consultant/Story Editor.  Director George Mendeluk. Golden Trident Films. Stars Terence Stamp, Ben Kingsley, Barry Pepper, Max Irons, Aneurin Barnard, and Samantha Barks. Film released theatrically in February 2017.

Mommy’s Little Girl” aka “Mommy’s Little Murderer” (2016) Co-Writer, feature, thriller, producer Pierre David, director Curtis Crawford, stars Fiona Gubelmann and James Gallanders, Reel One Entertainment. Lifetime Network premiere, March 2016.

Mother of All Lies” (2015), Writer, Director Monika Mitchell for Pender Street Pictures, Inc. & Reel One Entertainment, stars Franchesca Eastwood, Jennifer Copping and Anna Galvin, produced by Ken Sanders and Gilles LaPlante, LMN premiere, November 2015.

Urgency” (2010), Production Consultant.  Action thriller.  A Regent Entertainment/Here Media production.  Starring Brian Austin Green and Jeffrey Combs.  Directed by Kantz.

Silent Venom (2009), Writer.  Sci-fi action thriller.  An ARO Entertainment/Cinamour Entertainment production.  A SyFy Network premiere as “Sea Snakes.”  Starring Luke Perry, Tom Berenger, Krista Allen and Louis Mandylor.  Directed by Fred Olen Ray. A 20th Century Fox DVD release with worldwide distribution.

An Accidental Christmas”  (2007),  Writer.  Holiday family drama.  A Regent Entertainment production.  Lifetime Network premiere.  Starring Cynthia Gibb, David Milbern and Jason Connery.  Directed by Fred Olen Ray.  The second highest rated holiday film on Lifetime for their holiday airings.  Received a limited theatrical release and worldwide distribution.

Deck the Halls (2005), Writer.  Holiday family drama.  A Regent Entertainment/Shavick Entertainment production.  Lifetime Network premiere.  Starring Gabrielle Carterias and Steven Culp.  Directed by George Mendaluk.  Premiere received 2.9 million viewers and has aired every year since including worldwide distribution.

USS Poseidon: Phantom Below aka “Tides of War,” (2005),  Writer/actor.  Submarine action thriller.  A Regent Entertainment/Pacific Films production.  Starring Adrian Paul, Catherine Dent and Mathew St. Patrick.  Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.   A Sony Entertainment DVD release and Hawaii International Film Festival premiere.  “Tides of War” was an alternate gay-themed version that premiered on the HERE TV network and opened the Rainbow Festival.  Both versions received worldwide distribution.

I’ll Remember April (1999), Writer.  My original screenplay.  WWII family drama.  A Regent Entertainment production.  A Fox Family Channel premiere with a Pioneer DVD release.  Starring Mark Harmon, Pat Morita, and Haley Joel Osment.  Directed by Bob Clark and produced by Paul Colichman and Mark R. Harris.  Opened and premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2000 and received worldwide distribution.

Stingers aka “The Last Call” (1998), Co-writer/co-producer.  Noir thriller.  A Hipcat Productions film.  Premiered at the St. Louis International Film Festival and Newport Beach Film Festival.  Starring Seymour Cassel, Cynda Williams, Udo Kier and Richmond Arquette.  Directed by Steve Kurland.  A Leo Films DVD release.