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Enjoyed my interview on the popular U.K .podcast “BRITFLICKS” where I talk with host Stuart Wright about surviving as a working screenwriter in Hollywood. Click on the icon below for the link to the website and the podcast.



Check out my interview on Focus TV’s show “HOW TO START” with hosts Lauren Francesca and Brad Grunberg where I talk about the business of screenwriting. Click on the photo below for the link to the interview. Once on the website, scroll the page to find my photo and click on that to start the video.

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Free! My live seminar “Staying in the Game: Surviving as a Working Screenwriter in Hollywood” sponsored by Film Courage. Click on the photo below for the link to the video (almost 2 hours of lecture and questions after).

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Check out my interview on Script Magazine with the Story Broads: “Screenwriter Safari – Hunting the Working Writer.”  Click on the icon for the link to the article.

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Check out my new interview series about surviving as a Hollywood screenwriter on FILM COURAGE. Keep checking back as there will be twenty videos in the series. Click on the photo below for the link.

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The fantastic new screenwriting podcast “Eclipse the Script” interviewed me about my new book and surviving as a screenwriter in Hollywood’s trenches. Click on the icon below for the link and listen to the two part podcast.



Fellow veteran screenwriter Jim Vines interviews me for his blog “The Working Screenwriter.” Click on the icon below for the link to the website…

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My new book “A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success” is available on Amazon.

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Now available my COFFEE RING CARTOONS merchandise for screenwriters at my online store. Click on the photo below for the link to purchase mugs, T-shirts, notebooks, note cards, pint glasses, drink coasters, and mouse pads.


Check out the interview with me about screenwriting by Ruth Hill on her website

“My Devotional Thoughts.”

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Read the new interview with me in the UK online magazine CROOKES.

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A nice surprise to be mentioned in the December/January 2015/16 Esquire Magazine article about JJ Abrams and the film festival we entered as teenage filmmakers.

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My new interview on Stylamerican with Thitia where we talk about my new movies and upcoming screenwriting book release. Click on the icon below for the link to the interview.


Check out screenwriter Paul Ziedman’s interview with me about screenwriting on his great website “Maximum Z
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Check out my interview to SPEED SCREENWRITING as part of their “Tell it like it is” series with professional screenwriters.

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I share some of the “Un-rules of Screenwriting on LA Screenwriter’s Website:

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The London Screenwriters’ Festival asked Mark:

“What one piece of screenwriting advice has been the most useful in your career?”
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I share an excerpt from my upcoming book

ScreenCraft’s blog.

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“Interview with LA working screenwriter Mark Sanderson”

My in-depth interview to Michelle Goode on her great UK based website
Write so Fluid
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My video interview to Thitia on her fantastic website STYLAMERICAN

“America’s newest WebTV Channel”

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“Meet Mark Sanderson—Hollywood screenwriter and consultant”

Britta Reque-Dragicevic interviews me on her fantastic website CREATIVE INSIDE OUT about screenwriting in Hollywood, my advice for aspiring writers, and my new workshop.
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Mark Dark Story’s Quick Fire interview with Scriptcat

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“The Real Kids of Super 8”

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Entertainment journalist Todd Longwell’s article and interview with me about my start as a preteen filmmaker.

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“Gerard Ravel and the Super 8 Festival that launched JJ Abrams”

Nice mention in Filmmaker Magazine’s Web Exclusive article by Todd Longwell.

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“Tides Picks Up The Pace”

The Honolulu Advertiser’s reporting from the set as we were filming “Tides of War” on location in Hawaii.

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The AFM premiere screening of  “I’ll Remember April


“Fantastic advice on surviving Hollywood as a working writer.”Script Magazine, “My Blank Page” was chosen as Website of the Week (May 2012)

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“Thanks for all the valuable information. You are a wellspring of Hollywood knowledge.”—actor/standup comedian/director Rawle D. Lewis (K-Pax, Malcom & Eddie, Cool Runnings) (@rawletv)

Scriptcat —No ego, no flagrant self-promotion; but heart and soul and a genuine commitment to helping other writers.”—author, screenwriter, filmmaker @LaFamiliaFilm.

“If you write scripts or want to learn and following the business, you MUST follow @Scriptcat—a knowledgeable screenwriting guru with great website content, webinars and frequent tweets.”—ScreenCraft website

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