I’m very excited to be teaching my new workshop in the West Los Angeles area again—freeway close!


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Available for small groups up to 10 screenwriters.


The workshop is a comprehensive one-day class designed for the beginning screenwriter who may or may not have completed a screenplay and is beginning their journey toward being a professional.  In a business where they stop reading after the first typo or format mistake, you need solid guidance to help navigate the choppy waters of Hollywood. The workshop also includes a free copy of my new book, “A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success.” The workshop is geared toward the business of how to be a screenwriter in Hollywood and not about “how” to write a screenplay.

Photo taken at the Rome, Italy workshop.

Spend a day learning what it takes to survive on your long haul journey to success. Classroom has a refreshment area, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, water, and wireless internet access.  There will be a morning break, an hour break for lunch, and an afternoon break. The area has ample street parking and many places to eat lunch within walking distance.

To register, payment is due before the workshop to PayPal under the name:
You can use PayPal to pay via Credit Card even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive confirmation, the location, and the release form to sign and bring to the workshop. The workshop is not eligible for refunds.


film courage head shot 2Screenwriter/consultant Mark Sanderson will share his twenty years of experience to teach you the practices that helped him to build and establish a career as a working screenwriter in Hollywood. You’ll learn his techniques and disciplines — through solid examples, discussions and handouts — of how to live an authentic screenwriter’s life before, during and after the first draft—in this “how to” survival guide to stay in the game—at the top of your game.

Mark’s long association with award winning Hollywood filmmakers dates back to his first produced spec screenplay and has since written seventeen screenwriting assignments with ten produced films and has worked with Academy Award® winning producers Paul Colichman (Academy Award® winner Gods & Monsters) and Mark R. Harris (Academy Award® winner Crash) — veteran directors Brian Trenchard-Smith, George Mendeluk, Fred Olen Ray, and the late Bob Clark — and has written/consulted on films starring Academy Award® acting nominees Seymour Cassel, the late Pat Morita, Haley Joel Osment, Tom Berenger, and Emmy® acting nominees Mark Harmon, and James Hong.

Spend a day learning what it takes to survive on your long haul journey to success.

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Workshop student testimonial:

I’m a published writer but new to the genre of screenwriting, and knew next-to-nothing about the business side of the profession before taking Mark Sanderson’s one-day workshop, which was terrific in every way. Having completed it, I now feel in a much stronger position to pursue my screenwriting ambitions in a professional manner.

Mark covers many topics during the workshop, and provides a great deal of information.  There’s a lot to take in, but his handouts are very comprehensive so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.  One of the things I enjoyed most about the workshop was the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, and hear Mark’s interesting (not to mention amusing!) anecdotes about working in the film industry.  I can’t recommend Mark’s workshop highly enough, especially for those who have some writing experience but need to know more about how the Hollywood machine really works.”

A. Williams (Sydney, Australia)

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